Yoga Classes and Teaching that

Supports EVERY Women's Body at
EVERY Cycle of Life

Begin a practice that serves your body and empowers you to heal and take care of yourself.

If you are looking for a pathway towards relieving your pain, learning to trust your inner compass, 
regain your personal power and inner wisdom then you are in the right place.

Why Women Should Make Time for Yoga

Yoga can help you to:

  • Serve your feminine needs from menarche to post-menopause 

  • Honour and improve your body relationship

  • Support unpleasant symptoms of hormonal imbalance & PMS

  • Manage and reduce pain naturally and alleviate tension and stress

  • Boost metabolism, strengthen muscles and improve sleep
  • Nurture your inner wisdom and re-energize your tired body and libido
  • Balance your mood and decrease symptoms of anxiety and depression
  • Regain your connection with yourself and help heal your trauma

Online Yoga Classes

Women-centered yoga allows you to enhance your connection with both your mind and body, while practicing a deeply rich and nurturing self-care practice.

Designed for women’s unique physical, mental and spiritual needs, classes use dynamic yoga flows that frequently include breath work, meditation, mudras and yoga nidra to help students reconnect with their own body intelligence and inner wisdom to boost their energy, resiliency and personal power.