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The Stress to Self-Care mini-course consists of five lessons, including topics such as stress and what causes it, the value of loving and caring for ourselves, integrating health promoting self-care into our daily practice, mindsets and psychology of what holds us back and prevents us from being good to ourselves, and ways to love, accept and transform through self-care.

The Stress to Self-Care course requires one to two hours per lesson and is self-paced. There are no assignments or assessments.  But lots of tools to help you explore, reflect, practice and create your own self-care plan.

Completing this course will help you:

What's included?

  • 15 downloadable mindful tools
  • A self-care planner to design your personalized plan
  • Detailed info on the 3 Dimensions of Holistic Health
  • Extensive self-care activity lists to balance your health dimensions
  • Reflective self-explore questions and journal prompts
  • 7 Mindfulness self-care practices to master
  • Positive affirmations & motivating quotes
  • 21-day self-care challenge tracking sheet

Learning Path

In this lesson, we will look at stress, what causes it and how it affects us.  We’ll assess our own personal stress and step onto the path of holistic self-care and begin to learn how to re-connect and love ourselves so we can see the value of making time to become our #1 priority.  

In this lesson, we will explore your relationship with Self and our non-relenting mind that is always chatting away at us about everything that stresses us out.  We will look at our mental state as a powerful perpetuator of negative thinking patterns and how to overcome our self-imposed barriers using just our breath with a little help from some mindful meditation.

In this lesson, we will look at removing your barriers from loving and caring for yourself the way you want to. We will focus on taking more control so you procrastinate less, live more in the present, and say “no” more so you can actually get to the things that you want to do instead of putting them off or waiting for tomorrow. 

In this lesson, we will continue to work on self-love and fostering a new relationship with the most important person in your life – YOU!  We will work creating time for self-care and focusing on creating a personalized self-care plan, with health promoting practices, that meets YOUR needs.

In this lesson, we will dig deep into what truly holds us back from the life we want to live.   We will devote ourselves to our thoughts and feelings and how to get out of our own way. We will explore patterns of self-sabotage, as well as how to find gratitude and success meeting your goals and needs – not someone else’s. 

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