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Align Your Life is a self-paced, 14 week program that guides you on a journey to re-aligning your health and your life.  Consisting of five modules, and built upon the three steps to re-aligning your health, the program shares education, techniques and strategies that guide you on the path to balance and wholeness, while supporting you to take effective actions to achieve your goals and dreams.

Align Your Life uses a holistic model to health and an inside-out approach to igniting your healer within.  The program includes pre-recorded lessons and activities to complete to help align your life.  Course content is released on a weekly basis upon start to encourage you to work through and complete the program with success rather than rushing ahead for the purpose of integrating lifestyle practices and creating lasting habits and behaviour change.  

What's included?

  • 14 video presentations filled with science-focused and wisdom talks on how to align your body, mind and spirit step by step using natural holistic healing methods and approaches.
  • 5 Align Your Life modular workbooks with self-reflective activities and exercises intentionally designed for deep self-exploration so you can change your relationship with your Self, your health and your life.
  • Guided yoga practices that anyone can do – even if you’ve never practiced yoga before! These yoga practices will help you move and release tension from your body and enhance your physical, mental and spiritual wellness.  
  • Mindfulness meditations that will help you calm and quiet your mind so you can see life and yourself more clearly.
  • Supportive downloadable resources sharing formal and informal self-care practices to integrate into your life for personal empowerment and better health!
  • Motivational tips & change maker challenges to help create momentum for your shifts to happen and inspire you to continue to improve your health and your life one day at a time.
A self-paced, digital program for aligning your health with your body, mind and spirit

Learning Path

I’ll take you through the pillars of whole HEALTH and the fundamental principles and tools you can start to use to awaken your connection with SELF on a deeper level.

We’ll focus on:

  • The 3 Pillars of Health
  • Our Inherited Intelligence and the Process of Igniting the Healer Within.
  • Guiding Principles of Alignment & Authentic Connection


I’ll guide you through 3 ways to restore balance and nurture your BODY so you can regain your vitality and energy to move through the world with ease and confidence.

We’ll focus on:

  • The Holistic Law of Balancing the Body
  • The Three Elementals of the Body 
  • The Healing Power of Movement
  • Building Strength and Letting Go of Redundant Weight
  • The Hormonal Body – Behaviours, Moods & Cravings
  • Bodywork Practices for Connection & Healing
  • Body Positive Nutrition
  • Changing Your Relationship Status with Food
  • Mindful Eating Habits
  • Adding Nourishment to Your Life
  • The Lost Practice of Rest & Self-Care
  • Turning on Your Body’s Natural Healing Response & Upping Your Immune System
  • Healing the Gut through Rest & Digestion

I’ll lead you through the 3-part process of healing your stress filled MIND so you can let go of emotional baggage and build your resiliency to tackle any challenge life throws at you with calm clarity and focus.

We’ll focus on:

  • The Holistic Law of Balancing the Mind
  • The Three Elementals of the Mind
  • Identifying the Real Voice in Your Head
  • Releasing Emotional Baggage
  • Quieting the Mind to Hear Spirit
  • Meditation and Your Brain
  • Living in the Now
  • Growth Mindset – Consciousness, Self-Awareness & Clarity
  • Becoming Mindfully Present
  • Self-Calming Techniques & Building Resiliency to Stress


I’ll help you awaken your SPIRIT through 3 states that will transcend your limiting beliefs and align you with your true Self so you can design the life of your dreams.

We’ll focus on:

  • The Holistic Law of Balancing Spirit
  • The Three Elementals of Spirit
  • Upping Your Heart Coherency
  • A Framework for Heart-Centered Living
  • Trusting and Following Your Intuition
  • Cultivating Self-Love & Acceptance
  • Becoming the Architect of Your Life
  • Embracing Authenticity & Your Personal Truth
  • Connecting with Higher Self 
  • Owning, Fulfilling & Living Your Purpose

I’ll help you put healthy changes into practice by preparing you to make your Self a priority through the creation of personalized self-care plans that affirm how you want and deserve to feel and which empower you to live with love, authenticity and mindful intention.

We’ll focus on:

  • Healing Yourself From Within
  • Feminine Empowerment – Reclaiming Your Self and Your Health
  • Women’s Wisdom & Holistic Healing 

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