Align Your Life

A self-paced, digital program for aligning your health with your body, mind and spirit.

Stressed out with life, feeling stuck and unfulfilled?

Exhausted physically, mentally and emotionally?

Tired of having no energy for yourself?

Feel ungrounded and disconnected from who you are?

If you have been looking for a NEW WAY TO DO LIFE, then this program is for you!

You don’t need to be told how important it is to take care of yourself.  You already know that your health is totally connected to everything that you do and aspire to be.

You know that the more grounded and connected you are, the more confident and capable you are to make bold, adventurous choices, be more resilient and less stressed, focused and energized, more optimistic and capable of feeling and experiencing joy day to day, week to week, year to year. 

But the truth is, if you have been struggling to get your life together and been doing the best you can – you’re not alone.  You may feel disconnected – but you are not broken or beyond repair. 


It’s hard to make time and put ourselves on the priority list – believe me I know!  I also know you can only push through and give everything to everyone else for so long before it catches up to you in a big way!  At some point you have to make choice to either keep going like you’re going or to MAKE A CHANGE.

My breaking point came when my health began to crumble.  I got diagnosed with some tough health problems that left me feeling broken and beyond repair.  I felt totally empty, alone and disconnected from myself.  So, when I hit my bottom I had to make a choice: to keep striving for a life that wasn’t working for me or to put myself at the top of my to-do list and start caring for myself like I cared for everyone else.  I bet you can guess what choice I made!

It’s been a long but rewarding path filled with insights and small shifts that led to big TRANSFORMATION.  I discovered how to nurture my body, calm my mind and nourish my soul through holistic self-care.  The journey of regaining my health, vitality and energy was life changing.

That’s why I created ALIGN YOUR LIFE.  I wanted to support other women who are living disconnected and out of balance and to share the wisdom, knowledge and approach that saved and empowered me to heal and feel whole again!

In my online course,  I guide you through each pillars of holistic health – every step of the way. 

Here's What's Included:

  • 14 video presentations filled with science-focused and wisdom talks on how to align your body, mind and spirit step by step using natural holistic healing methods and approaches.
  • 5 Align Your Life modular workbooks with self-reflective activities and exercises intentionally designed for deep self-exploration so you can change your relationship with your Self, your health and your life. 
  • Mindfulness meditations that will help you calm and quiet your mind so you can see life and yourself more clearly.
  • Supportive downloadable resources sharing formal and informal self-care practices to integrate into your life for personal empowerment and better health!
  • Motivational tips & change maker challenges to help create momentum for your shifts to happen and inspire you to continue to improve your health and your life one day at a time.

Course Breakdown

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Module 1 - The Pillars and Principles of Alignment

I’ll take you through the pillars of whole HEALTH and the fundamental principles and tools you can start to use to awaken your connection with SELF on a deeper level.

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Module 2 – Embodying Health & Aligning Your Body

I’ll guide you through 3 ways to restore balance and nurture your BODY so you can regain your vitality and energy to move through the world with ease and confidence.

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Module 3 – Building Resiliency & Healing the Stressful Mind

I’ll lead you through the 3-part process of healing your stress filled MIND so you can let go of emotional baggage and build your resiliency to tackle any challenge life throws at you with calm clarity and focus.

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Module 4 – Transcendence & Co-designing Your Life with Purpose

I’ll help you awaken your SPIRIT through 3 steps that will let you transcend your limiting beliefs and align you with your true Self so you can design the life of your dreams.

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Module 5 – Reclaiming Your Self and Your Health

I’ll help you put healthy changes into practice by preparing you to make your Self a priority through the creation of personalized self-care plans that affirm how you want and deserve to feel and which empower you to live with love, authenticity and mindful intention.

By the end of the course, you will:


The Mind-Body Connection

The physiological, biochemical and neurological links to the MIND-BODY CONNECTION and how to re-wire your systems towards health and healing and away from stress and anxiety.

To Nourish Your Body & Soul

Fuel your body with nutrient-rich foods to satisfy your body’s needs and BALANCE your hormones, moods and cravings.

How Movement Matters

Move your body, lose unnecessary weight without relying on a restrictive diets or extreme fitness routines, while letting go of damaging self-talk and negative body image.

About Holistic Self-Care

Integrate health promoting practices into your everyday life to unite the mind, body and spirit and while including natural and complementary medicines as preventative wellness.

How Body Wisdom Works

Trust and nurture your natural bodily cycles and understand the powerful role they have on your mental and physical wellness.

To Regulate & Restore

Relax your body, regulate stress and support your natural cleansing systems to rebound from burnout and build a healthy immune system.



Establish habits, rituals and routines that reaffirm your health and create the life your want to live.

A Raised Coherency

Tune your mind-body connection to attract more of what you want in your life and let go of what doesn’t serve you.

Agency & Compassion

Embrace your personal agency for yourself through self-acceptance, forgiveness and higher connection with your divine self.


Through quieting the mind using breath, meditation and yoga and living more presently.

The Power of Breath

Calm your mind and body to hear what your Spirit is really trying to tell you so you can trust and follow your intuition more.

Emotional Resiliency

Using mindfulness techniques that calm the mind and the nervous system to feel less stressed and inspire right-brain living that promotes intentional connection that creates meaning in everyday life.


Your Health

Lead your life with enhanced vitality and ENERGY to enjoy each moment and every day by taking a preventative lifestyle approach to well-being.

Your Mindset

Stop the mindless chatter and listen to your true voice and follow your instincts instead of denying them and focus your energy on positivity and affirmative acts.

Your Authenticity

Up your inner connection and change the frequency you send out into the world to attract HAPPINESS and FULFILMENT.

Your Self-Confidence

Your ability to listen to your body and let your DIVINE intuition guide you to make the right decisions big or small – without regret or judgement.

Your Happiness

Stop striving and THRIVE through spiritual connection, changed behaviours and mindset that resonates through your body and life.

Your Inner Truth

From the inside- out, and live as an EMPOWERED woman in her body, mind and spirit according to your core values and live with purpose.

This course will change the way you think about health. But more importantly, it will TRANSFORM how you see, think and feel about your Self.

If you’re ready to take the journey through the self to your True SELF, then it begins by saying YES to Change!